Pass it down. 

Something to think about: An open question that does not require an answer-

Why are you here?

I’d venture to say it’s because you love the outdoors.

What are you doing to keep that passion for the natural world alive?

How do you let others know that having a connection to the natural world is so dearly important in your life?

With the passing of Steve Watts I have thought much about what he gave to this community; how many thousands of people thought about things differently because of his efforts?

I didn’t know the man- but I didn’t have to. He was a living testament to woodsmanship, and his passion for natural history, the human experience; and of course – camping, and communing with nature (a life under canvas with freedom and firewood for all) was completely evident.

Friends; we don’t have many folks like that around these days. I come to bushcraft / survival from the flintknapping community, and I’ve seen a dozen knappers pass on since I began a dozen years ago, some were really close friends who had volumes of

Information that is now gone. Young people are not carrying on these traditions, we are losing knowledge…rapidly. If you want to keep it, give it away. (knowledge and skills that is) keep a journal, teach someone something. Give some time, share some skills. I see a lot of competition in the “wilderness skills / survival / bushcraft ” community – we are all just glorified campers- lets not forget that. Remember the real reason we are here, because we love open country, and woodsmoke, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing- freedom from four walls! and we do it because it connects us to our primal roots, it connects us to our ancestors and you have to be there to understand it- help others understand what you already know.

– Justin

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