Bow Making Class at Georgia Bushcraft January 10-12, 2020


Join Justin Cook and Frankie Lackey at the Georgia Bushcraft BaseCamp January 10-12, 2020 to build a primitive bow from scratch from two accomplished primitive skills instructors. This class will cover everything from selecting the tree, to learning all the necessary skills to carve a single piece of wood into a primitive weapon. Participants will have the opportunity to go home with a wealth of knowledge and a fine shooting bow. Once bows are completed, we will move on to primitive arrow making and bow string making.

A variety of premium, multi-year seasoned bowstaves will be available and will be priced individually, beginning at $50. Price is determined depending on wood type and quality of bow stave (some staves might make two bows) wood types include Mulberry, Hickory, Elm, Walnut, Black Locust, and Snakey Osage Orange

Tools will be available to use and you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own.

To provide adequate instruction time, space is limited to 12.


Bow Making Class

January 10-12, 2020 Georgia Bushcraft 1150 Carruth Road Watkkinsville GA


Bow Making Class (Repeat Students)

waybackwilderness appreciates those who want to return for more instruction. If you have attended a class in the past you qualify for this rate.


More details to come :

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