FireCraft and Wilderness Skills Class at Georgia Bushcraft


JUNE 23-24, 2018



Join Justin Cook June 22-24, 2018 at the Georgia Bushcraft Farm for a weekend long class on THE most important wilderness skill there is: Fire Craft.

This class will be an immersion on the most reliable ways to make fire in the woods, we will cover the three most prevalent ways to make fire and the wilderness skills that directly relate to them; fire lay, (key-hole fire, Dakota fire pit) making a spit and carving pothooks and cooking related campcraft items.



Learn how to make a fire using two sticks and a string.  Fire by friction is a magical experience and is a skill that once mastered will empower you. There is nothing like making fire the way the Ancient’s did, by spinning an ember from two sticks. Justin will teach you how to select the right materials, how to make a hearth board, a spindle, a bow, a bearing block; and how to put them all together and crank out an ember.

FS kit


Since the Iron Age, fire making using a flint rock and a piece of steel has been the preferred method of fire lighting. This class will include a steel striker, a piece of flint and a tin to carry it in.  you will learn how to char material, how to source material that will take a spark from Flint and Steel, and learn how to prepare and process tinder to make a historic fire.

Ferro Rod


The ferrocerium rod or magnesium match is the fire making standard among survivalists and bushcrafters. This is one of the most reliable and simple ways to make fire in the world today. Although it is relatively simple, simple is not always easy. In this class you will learn multiple fail-safe techniques to ensure that you’ll never be without fire with your ferrorod.

This class will begin at 8 am on June 23 and will end June 24 at 2 pm. Students are welcome to arrive and setup camp June 22 after 4 PM.

June 23 at 7PM there will be a BBQ dinner available for paying students.

Dinner available for $10

DISCOUNT for Previous Students!

 If you took the December Flintknapping Class, I am offering 25% off for return students! (see below)


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Limit: 20 students

June 22-24 Firecraft Weekend

Weekend class (includes Bowdrill Kit, Flint and Steel Kit, Custom Ferro Rod, Meal Ticket for Saturday Night BBQ)


June 22-24 Firecraft Weekend (instruction only* / Return Student Discount**)

*not included: (Bowdrill Kit, Flint and Steel Kit, Ferro Rod, and Dinner ) **full kit included for return students


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