Make it out Alive


In a survival situation you will find yourself disorientated and confused. Make structure out of the chaos. Take a mental survey, take a physical survey. Remember that fast is slow and slow is fast. Remember you must stay dry, you must drink water, you have to maintain thermoregulation. Focus on these immediate needs, make it happen, take your time, there is no wall clock, just sun up and sundown, don’t fall, don’t cut yourself, don’t jab your eye, don’t panic, breathe. Treat cutting tools like best friends and worst enemies. You can’t afford any lacerations. Are you somewhere that could become hazardous? Find a protected place, realize you are alive and are going to stay that way, realize you will probably be O.K. Make it out of this alive. You need to focus on one thing at a time, create a routine, make some rules for yourself; this is a physical and mental battle, your own mind is your biggest adversary and your saving grace, the mind is a wonderful servant and a terrible master.

You cannot quit- Never Say Die. Realize this will be a journey, a journey you must complete, you are responsible for your fate, do not refuse this responsibility, remember your ancestors took down wooly mammoths with stone tipped spears, you have their blood in your veins, you CAN do this. Now put your mind to it, tell yourself NO when those voices of doubt start repeating in your head. Play a song in your mind, sing, talk to yourself, pray, drown out those voices of doubt. You must take care of your body. Take time to heal and rest, you cannot afford to compromise your health. Clean your wounds, make a crutch, tie your shoes, tuck in your shirt, take care of your feet, wash your hands, be fastidious, be disciplined. Always pay attention to your surroundings, ignore your hunger, obey your thirst, but do not make yourself sick by drinking un-sterilized water. You must maintain water discipline. Water borne pathogens will incapacitate you. Embrace the painful effort of your daily tasks. Never run when you can walk, never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lay, never lay when you need to be ready.

Skills to Master:

  • Awareness- BE Here Now! This moment is the most important moment. Recognize danger, recognize opportunity.
  • Problem Solving ability: there will always be a problem and a solution.
  • Mental Fortitude- Understand priorities, know your capabilities and know your limits.
  • The ability to Communicate: you must be good at expressing information and ideas.
  • Emotional Temperance: you must always be in control of your emotions. You will fail, and you will succeed, you can celebrate and freak out when its over. Stay cool calm and level headed.
  • Truthfulness: you must be honest with yourself and others, reality is inescapable. Be careful with your words. You don’t have to be a “captain obvious” and exacerbate bad situations, but you can’t lie to yourself or your companions when a distasteful reality is staring you down.
  • Creativity: your tools and resources will be limited, they could be non-existent, your survival will depend on how you use your resources and surroundings, whether building a shelter, or catching game, or creating a hovel in which to endure.
  • Living for a greater purpose: this is important, you have to have a reason to not give up, your faith, your family, your friends, your art, your craft, your pet! Pick a reason to make it home and let that be a lighthouse in your mind, so you can focus on your end goal instead of the unfortunate situation you are in.

Have faith in yourself, you can do this.


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