FlintKnapping class at Georgia Bushcraft May 3-5, 2019


Join Justin Cook at the Georgia Bushcraft Campground May 3-5, 2019 for a workshop-weekend of stoneage technology.

Justin is a flintknapping artist and is nationally renowned for his replications of stone-age tools. He has made reproductions of artifacts for museums and universities throughout the United States and he is a veteran instructor for Georgia Bushcraft.

Come learn the art of the ancients and camp on the Georgia Bushcraft Farm in Watkinsville, Georgia.

In this weekend class we will explore stone-age technology and learn to make a lethal weapon from a simple rock.

Class information will include: flintknapping, stone tool manufacture, and usage.

Demonstrations of: Atl-Atl construction and usage, manufacture of pine pitch glue, manufacture of hide glue, cordage manufacture, discussions on primitive archery.  Learn what you need to know to make primitive hunting weapons in this weekend intensive course on primitive bushcraft skills.

Classes prices : $190 per person for a weekend of camping and observing stone tool making demonstrations, a set of your own tools, and materials will be provided.

This option includes everything you’ll need to make an arrowhead; a pressure flaker, a billet (bopper), a leather hand pad, a grinder, and an assortment of flint.

additional tools and stone at the event it will be available for sale.

All students will receive one on one instruction.

Bring food and beverages!! there will be lunch items (grill your own hot dog) available, but you are responsible for your breakfast and dinner, (there are a multitude of restaurants and grocery stores 20 minutes away in Athens, Georgia)

class Schedule:

Begin: Friday May 3 at 3:00 PM EST- 9PM EST

Saturday 9AM-7PM,

Sunday 9AM-

End: Sunday Noon


Classes will begin  Friday afternoon and will continue until dark, expect lots of one on one instruction as needed.  In the evening; enjoy a camp atmosphere, bonfire, hot coffee,cold drinks, music and socializing- come to meet new friends! We encourage a social environment.

Space is limited to 20 students so register early!!

for more information email Justin here

By attending this class you agree to our Waiver.

Weekend Flintknapping Class (Tool and Materials)

this includes instruction, a basic flintknapping kit, and high quality flint, two lunches and two nights of camping



Return Student

if you attended the December 2017 FlintKnapping class at GABC 50% off (does not include tools)


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