Escambia River Survival Classes

***The previously advertised November 17-19 Class has been rescheduled to January 19-21, 2018***

Join Justin Cook , Kau’i Moorehead and Wayback Wilderness, January 19-21, 2018 in the tidal swamps of Northern Escambia County at scenic Becks Lake Fish Camp; the gateway to the Escambia River.

Enjoy 350 acres of hardwood forests and blackwater creeks full of crappie, bream, bass, turtles and alligators. This unique environment has both tropical and temperate elements and is a unique opportunity to hone your wilderness survival skills.

The campsites along the river are excellent; well maintained hiking trails are clear and accessible , the site is easy to access from Hwy 29.

We will teach both a Modern and Primitive skillset:

In the modern class students will learn:  Building a waterproof shelter, the importance of insulation, how to efficiently use a knife, proper fire lay in adverse conditions , and the importance of purifying water . Students will learn how to build a shelter from materials in the woods, how to effectively use a space blanket and clear plastic dropcloth, and some basic knots and lashings. Students will also learn how to make a smoke signal to be seen in an emergency situation

Topics covered:

The Gear Selection Process ● Building a Personal Survival Kit ●Basic First Aid ● Fundamentals of using a Knife ●Firecraft● Knots and Lashings ● Hunting and trapping Game ● Fishing for Survival ● Survival Food Options ● Clothing Selection ● Orienteering, using a compass ● Signaling Devices

Primitive skills instruction will teach the basics of Stone Age survival, especially flintknapping. Justin will discuss the anthropological and archaeological record, geology, geography. This area is on an Archaeological site: Students can also expect to learn detailed knowledge about plants, animals, folklore and will be exposed to a variety of hunting, fishing, and trapping information in this class

Topics covered:

The Paiute and Y-Bone deadfall ● make several types of simple, versatile and effective Spring-Snares ● make a Clay Pot ● make a Wooden Bowl ● Boil Water in both ● make a Fishhook/gorge that will catch a Fish ● make a Fishing Gig ● make and throw an Atl Atl ●make an Arrow- make a Stone Knife (knapping) ●make Cordage, ● make fire by Friction -● use a Bow Drill ● how to make a Gill Net ● make a Fish Trap ● Preserve Game by Smoking ● Process Acorns ● Identify Wild Edibles, and cook fish over the fire

We strongly encourage you to bring a canoe or kayak and fishing gear.

Camping is primitive and will require you to walk in, food is not provided-bring food, we recommend trail mix and high calorie snacks, you will have an opportunity to cook in the morning and evenings, porta-potties will be available.

Materials needed:

Knife or machete, backpack containing:

folding saw, lighter, matches, magnifying glass, ferrocerium rod,  tent, hammock, or tarp. Dry bag,  2 industrial sized heavy duty trash bag,  one clear plastic painters drop cloth, nylon string or twine, 50ft of paracord.  32 oz stainless steel bottle, steel cup, compass, 2 bandannas, headlamp, ducttape, notebook,  Sturdy shoes, clothes for camping, sleeping bag, 50ft of 20 lb fishing line, assorted small to large hooks, cooking pot,  first aid supplies and personal medications. Bug spray.

don’t over pack!! you will be required to carry this gear to several locations on the property – bring a camera, bring

Dress comfortably- but dress for outdoor work.

 2020 Becks Lake Rd

Cantonment, FL 32533

30.623671 N

Link to MAP:,+Cantonment,+FL+32533/@30.623671,-87.264754,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x889093a651d05b3d:0x99c54d7c401a3256!8m2!3d30.623671!4d-87.264754?hl=en-US






for more information send email to


Purchase a Florida freshwater fishing license here :
• Couples can attend for price of one admission
• Children 12 y.o.+ accompanied with a legal guardian can attend for price of one admission.

Weekend Classes

Full Weekend: Arrive Friday after Noon, leave Sunday at Dusk.



Single Day

Attend either Saturday or Sunday, This includes a campsite for early arrival and the night of.


By registering for this class, you agree to our Waiver

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