Southeast Asian Bird Snare

This is a very effective snare made using bamboo, a green sapling, and braided fishing line.  This snare works on a spring pole and toggle system. I first learned this snare from a video posted by Dave Canterbury, See photos for the setup. . The anchor is a  section of split bamboo bent into a horseshoe shape. One of the reasons this is such an effective snare is that the bait stick is on a pin vs. a backstop, this makes the trigger more sensitive, any contact with the slotted bait stick will trip the snare. The groove is for inserting bait, for this example I had berries baited for demonstration. It is important to stake the snare loop with no slack, and to make sure the loop is an inch or two off the ground, this way you’ll hopefully catch your quarry by the neck or leg- also it is very important to double your loop on your snare so it wont back off when cinched

Spring snares take practice; the idea is to just barely set the trigger, not so light a breeze will set it off, but not so hard that it requires firm tug to trip it.

Snares are for educational purposes only. They kill indiscriminately and can cause a lot of grief to non target species, like pets.

Only use this knowledge to keep yourself alive on a survival situation.

image image image image

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