Archaeological Reproductions by Justin Cook

I reproduce artifacts and make original art based on artifacts here is a sample of my wares displayed at Moundville Alabama

DSCN4402DSCN4333DSCN4373DSCN4405DSCN4365DSCN4408DSCN4366   DSCN4372    DSCN4406  DSCN4414

One thought on “Archaeological Reproductions by Justin Cook

  1. Hello Mr. Cook, my name is Zach Meskin, I am a graduate student of applied archaeology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I am currently in the process of getting ready to start my master’s thesis in which I will be examining use-wear of Calusa Mercenaria adze/Celts shell tools. This thesis requires an experimental component in which I need to compare the experimentally made tools to the archaeological ones. I am working closely with the Marco Island Historical Society, who will be loaning me the archaeological tools. I have been working closely with Scott Jones, however, he unexpectedly had to drop the project, and his expertise was not in shell tools so he recommended you as an excellent fit.

    The plan was to have 20 experimentally made mercenaria tools, and chop them on different materials, including meat from a bone, wood, and Hyde. I was wondering if you would be able to provide this service and provide a quote as well. I would like to get this done by December at the latest if possible. If this project is not for you, if you know of any experimental archaeologists that work with shell, would you please provide them to me if possible. I would love to discuss more in detail about this thesis and working with you on this. If you could email me at that would be much appreciated.

    Thank you so much,

    Zachary Meskin


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